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"Hospitaity Bed Bug Management Plan"

1). Regular interval inspection services. 

2). Annual Bed Bug Inspection training for Housekeeping Staff and Bed Bug Protocol Development.

3). We will work with your managemnt team to customize an in-house protocol to best protect you.

4). 1 hour class that includes a power point presentation with bed bug biology, inspection and proper documentation.  

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Professional resource for making wise pigeon control and bird control  devices, bird control supplies, bird control services, controlling pigeons and pigeon control methods..

How to bird proof your building without ruining it.

Our experience in bird repellent research has resulted in the best collection of safeeffective and harmless bird control products.

Commercial Services
•   Preconstruction soil treatments 

•   Integrated Pest Management 

•   Termite Inspections 

•   Bird / Pigeon Elimination 

•   Wasp and Bee Removal 

•   Rodent Control 

•   Lawn Care

•   Tree Care

•   Weed Control

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